LMS school signWhat is the student-teacher ratio at LMS?

LMS strives to keep this ratio at 12:1. As a result of this low ratio, the children receive a great deal of individual attention, particularly relative to other school settings.

How are the teachers trained and do all teachers give lessons?

All of the teachers at LMS have been Montessori trained for the age range of the children in their classroom. The teachers all give lessons, and these lessons are typically presented to the students individually or in small groups.

What distinguishes LMS from other Montessori schools in the area?

The student-teacher ratio is lower than other Montessori schools so there is more attention to the individual child. In addition, the relatively small size of the school contributes to the feeling that everyone is able to and encouraged to work together.

Why do you teach the letter sounds rather than the names of letters?

Children are first introduced to the sound the letter makes rather than the name in order to help with phonetic awareness. This encourages the child to associate the sound with the shape of the letter, which allows the child to more easily combine sounds as they begin to read.

Why is it so important to have the children in mixed age groups?

In this type of setting, the children are encouraged to teach, help and learn from other children in the class, fostering cooperation through shared experiences.

Do all children have instruction in art, music and Spanish?

Yes, children in both the primary and elementary classes have art, music and Spanish lessons.

Do you have a summer program?

Summer programs vary from year to year.  Decisions on summer programs are determined in February of each school year.

Can parents participate by volunteering?

Parents are encouraged to volunteer both in and outside the classroom.  Parent committees such as, Social, Marketing, Fundraising and Building and Grounds are vital to our school's success.  We love parent involvement!