September Newsletter

We are still looking for parent volunteers for Social and Fundraising committees as well as a Room Parent representative for each class. Please contact Ms. Tucker if you are interested!

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LMS Important Dates

  • September 1: Shillito Park Picnic, Shelter #2 (next to the playground) 6:00-8:00 p.m.
  • September 2 & 5: No School
  • September 15: Parent Education Night 6-7 PM
  • September 25: Stella’s Dine & Donate September 27: School Pictures September 29: DLC Beer Tent

School Picnic at Shillito Park
Our School Picnic will be held at Shillito Park, at Shelter #2 (next to the playground) on Thursday, September 1st from 6:00-8:00 p.m. This is a wonderful event held every year that gives families an opportunity to meet and mingle. Please bring a dish serving 15-20 to share (see list below by LAST NAME)! Please remember: NO NUT PRODUCTS! LMS will provide the paper products and water.

A-G: Meats
H-M: Side Dish
N-Z: Dessert

Downtown Lexington Co. Beer Tent
LMS was fortunate to be selected as the non- profit group for Thursday Night Live’s Beer Tent on September 29th. We will receive all of the tips from this evening, as long as we have volunteers, so it is a great opportunity for us! The night is broken up into 2 shifts: (4pm-7pm & 6:30pm-9:30pm) and we need 8 volunteers for each shift! Please contact Ms. Tucker regarding which shift you would like to volunteer to work on the 29th. So long as you can pour beer in to a cup, no other skill is necessary!

By Lauren
Dollywood is a park with a hotel, waterpark, and an amusement park. My favorite ride at Dollywood was called Barnstormer. It’s a giant swing that goes directly horizontal. My favorite rollercoaster was called Tennessee Tornado. It had three loops. Now it’s time for the waterpark. My favorite part was like a playground of waterslides. On top of the Slide House was a bucket that had 1,000 gallons of water that would pour down on you. The hotel has a restaurant inside. And from my room you could see some of the water park. I went this summer. I went with Michael, my mom and my dad.

My Summer Newsletter
By Jude
My cousins came over for a week. I went to see a movie. I also went to the park. I slept on an air mattress. In the morning, I was in a chair. I went in the lake.

My Great Summer
By Kenley
I went to Great Wolf Lodge. It was so fun. We were on the tippy top floor. I ate Dippin’ Dots. There were really fun water slides. There was also this water slide and it was called the Family Slide.

My Summer
By Maggie
I went to the pool. I had a sleepover. I went down the water slide. I went hiking. I jumped off a big rock. I went to a drive in movie theater.

Fun Summer
By Sanaa
I went to a fair with my cousins. I went on a million rides. I went on a scary ride too. I got cotton candy! My sister went on a ride that looked really scary.

I went to the carnival in Antigua. I walked a lot. I also danced. I was in a red and yellow costume. I saw my friends. It was awesome. I wish I could go again. So that was what I did for my summer!

My Summer Dream
By Tyler
A big monster appeared and blew our house to shreds. I got teleported to the planet Long Arm Climb. Man, are these weird or what? I met Zoo Doo Wigy the Troll. Then all this happened:


My Fun Summer
By Rachel
I had a great summer. I spent time with my family. I went down to the farm to my grandparent’s farm. I spent time with my dad. I also hung out at my house. I went to church. After church, we got donuts. They were good. After that, we went to Sam’s Club. After that we went home. That’s the end.

My Summer (Dance)
By Aubrey
I won 8th place in the nation at a dance competition in Mason, Ohio! I was there for one week. I got to room with one of my BFF’s, her name is Lily. I got to go swimming at our hotel pool. We got to eat at a lot of different places! I danced a lot this summer. I went to a dance convention. I got to plan a lot of sleepovers! I did Ballet Under the Stars.

I loved my summer. I also went to the pool this summer! I was excited to go back to school.

My Summer
By Simone
For my summer, I did a lot of exciting things. I did swim team, golf, and tennis. It was a lot of fun. I really liked golf. It was my favorite! Later, I went to Wyoming. I got to invite one of my best friends. We did lots of fun stuff. In Wyoming, we went to a rodeo. I got to see the bucking bulls. It was a lot of fun. Then we went on a 6 day and 5-night camp. I had so much fun! At the camp, we did kayaking, swimming, archery, biking and hiking! I had a great summer!

By Layney
I did swim team. I did dive team as well. I had a babysitter. I met new friends. I painted with my friends. I loved my summer!

A Week in Antigua.
By Melahnia
I was in the carnival. It was so much fun. I was wearing feathers. It was a lot of walking. I went on stage. I was dancing.
I saw my British cousins. I saw my dad playing Panorama. It is a steel drum contest. My dad won the contest! I met my cousin. I had so much fun.

Holiday Summer
By Marisol
We went to Holiday World. I went on the Scarecrow Scrambler. It was so fun, it was almost like a rollercoaster. It was so fast. I also did a lot of Splash’n Safari. I really like water. I loved Monsoon Lagoon a lot. I loved a slide that you couldn’t see a thing on. I also liked Kima Bay. It had a closed in red slide. That wasn’t scary like the other one. It was loud. I got used to it.

By Lucas
I went to see the Shaun the Sheep movie and ate popcorn. I played basketball. I went to Florida. I’m happy to be in Elementary.

By Thomas
I stayed in a cabin. We went to an aquarium and saw an octopus but I couldn’t take flash photography. I saw a fish. I saw a hammerhead shark.

The Dog
By Natalia
Vacation, school, playdates...but sometimes the most exciting entertainments occur at home! I will tell you about catching a lost dog. The dog was running around the street. I settled behind a truck. My mom and Bruce (my dog) were standing on the sidewalk. My dad was on the street. The dog ran towards Bruce.
While the dog was sniffing Bruce, my dad snuck up on the dog. Suddenly, he caught him! My dad had caught the dog! We took the dog to the car. We had him! We took him to the Humane Society. What a good summer.

Summer Camps
By Ally

This summer, I went on two vacations and four camps. I’ll tell you about yoga. At yoga, we learned the Sun Salutation, some moves with chairs, and listened to calming music at the end. My writing camp was boring. I just sat at a table for an hour. Boring, huh? Now, my theater camps. Your Mother was a Neanderthal was my favorite! I liked Pippi Longstocking too. I also went to Maine with my favorite cousins. At the lake I had a blast with Kira and Jenna, my cousins. I also saw my Nana at the Goodwin House in Virginia.