Support LMS


Lexington Montessori School benefits from and depends on the time, talents and financial support of the parents whose children attend the school. There are a variety of ways of supporting LMS, including participating in the fundraising programs, volunteering in the school, and making tax-deductible donations.



LMS admissions policy requires each family to be responsible for contributing $350 each year, either by participating in fundraising programs so that the school receives this amount of revenue or by making a cash donation to cover the amount not earned through these programs. This revenue will help us keep tuition increases at a minimum while maintaining competitive salaries and low student-teacher ratios.

The fundraising programs available were particularly chosen because they do not interfere with the busy lives of families, and do not require students to sell items. We try to choose programs sponsored by businesses that many families already patronize, such as Kroger, Speedway, Target, Dutch Mill Bulbs and several others throughout the year. Please call the office for a list of current LMS fundraising programs.


volunteerWe highly encourage parents to be involved in their children's education, since children benefit most when teachers and parents work together to foster each child's development. At Lexington Montessori, opportunities for parents to become involved include being a guest speaker, driving on field trips, leading a special activity, preparing classroom materials, helping with office or library tasks, participating in school social events, and visiting to eat lunch with your child. The teachers welcome your presence, help, ideas, and suggestions.